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Design And Analysis

Our expertise includes the development of multiple payload adapters, payload accommodations, deployable structures, integrated structural antennas, reentry vehicles, and space mechanisms from conception through flight system delivery.

Deployable Structures

LoadPath develops cutting-edge deployable system strain energy components to reduce overall structural mass and complexity. Design and analyze mechanism geometry and material properties to achieve requirements such as torque margin, stiffness, strength, and kinematics.

Thermal Solutions

We can develop, test, and validate customized, cutting-edge thermal design tools and advanced innovations for spacecraft. Includes deployable and modular radiators, isothermal bus technologies, high-performance systems, and thermal stability systems. Our expertise includes thermal analysis, design, and testing.

Structural Testing

LoadPath provides end-to-end structural testing from test plan development through test design, execution, data analysis, and reporting. Employ advanced equipment to evaluate test articles from material characterization through structural qualification.