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Thermal Solutions

LoadPath provides cutting-edge spacecraft thermal management analysis and innovative technologies such as modular deployable radiators, isothermal bus structures, high-performance systems, and thermally stable structures. These enabling technologies deliver improved thermal performance, condensed timelines, reduced SWAP (size, weight, and power), and contribute to reduced spacecraft system costs. These technologies are developed by utilizing LoadPath's thermal control system analysis, design, and testing expertise.

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    Thermal Analysis: The foundation of LoadPath's thermal management work is advanced analysis. Approaches range from to utilization of modern commercially available software to custom design tool development.

    Examples include:
    • Web-based rapid thermal system evaluation tools
    • High resolution spacecraft modeling from component to bus level
    • Thermal optimization algorithms, such as component placement that minimizes thermal gradients
    • Hot- and cold-case orbit design environment definition
thermal software application

Example web-based thermal software application. This easy-to-use tool allows the user to quickly evaluate spacecraft thermal performance

    Thermal System Design: LoadPath utilizes all aspects of our staff’s diverse technical backgrounds in the development of thermal technologies. By doing so, we address all aspects of system level problems as such thermal and structural performance. Our cross-functional proficiency enables unique solutions.

    Examples include:
    • Oscillating heat pipe technologies
    • High conductivity thermal straps
    • Modular and deployable radiator systems
    • Thermoelectric system design
    • Isothermal bus technologies
    • Integrated thermal-structural panels
FEATS thermal strap

The FEATS thermal strap is an advanced thermally conductive path that is highly reliable and can be rapidly integrated.

    Thermal Testing: From laboratory concept demonstrations to both zero-g and space flight experiments, we have successfully delivered testing services for a wide-range of projects. We utilize multiple vacuum chambers and advanced instrumentation to execute a wide-range of tests.

    Examples include:
    • Multiple vacuum systems available for tests
    • Spacecraft insulation evaluation
    • Transient system testing using high-speed FLIR infrared camera
    • Thermoelectric testing
    • Parabolic (zero-g) flight testing
    • Thermal structural health monitoring testing
    • Mechanism validation
    • International Space Station experiments
flight articles

We have successfully helped design, fabricate, integrate, and test several flight articles.

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