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Composite Fabrication

LoadPath delivers custom development, fabrication, and characterization of complex composite structures. Led by a multi-disciplinary staff of industry leading engineers and technicians, a wide-range of composite solutions has been provided. These include development of prototypes and processes, fabrication of complex structures, and material characterization.

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    Prototype and Process Development
    • Small batch prototype fabrication
    • Industry standard manufacturing processes
    • Tool design and fabrication
    Facilities and Equipment
    • Six curing ovens with capacity up to 1800°F
    • Two Autoclaves: 9’x18’ and 4’x10’. Up to 600°F / 100 psi N2 / 25 in-Hg Vacuum
    • 3 axis filament winder. Up to 6” diameter and ~10’ length
    • 6’x24’ CNC Gerber cutting table
    • De-bulking and curing table.
    Material Characterization Coupons
    • The combination of our composite fabrication and testing capabilities allows us to take raw material, generate test coupons, and conduct the characterization tests to determine the parameters critical for accurate models
    • Extensive history of fabricating ASTM standard and custom high-strain flexural specimens
    Flexible Composite Strain Energy Mechanisms
    • Tape spring hinges and booms
    • Open section rollable booms
    • Successfully delivered booms up to 6m in length and diameters spanning 10 to 152.4 mm.
autoclave The large 12’ x 20’ autoclave is utilized to fabricate high quality composite structures
thin composite boom LoadPath has fabricated thin composite booms up to 6 m in length and diameters spanning 10 to 152.4 mm
composite panel LoadPath fabricated a composite panel integrated with fluid-channels for an integrated structural-thermal solution

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