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Our company's core capabilities and services have been grouped into five sections. Please click on the section for more details.

Mechanical Design and Analysis Mechanical Design and Analysis

LoadPaths’ expertise includes the design and analysis of multiple payload adapters, payload accommodations, deployable structures, integrated structural antennas, reentry vehicles, ground support equipment, test hardware, and space mechanisms from conception through flight system delivery.

Structural Testing Structural Testing

LoadPath provides end-to-end structural testing services from test plan development through data analysis. We employ advanced equipment to evaluate test articles from material characterization through structural qualification.

Thermal Solutions Thermal Solutions

LoadPath develops, tests, and validates customized, cutting-edge thermal design tools and advanced innovations such as deployable and modular radiators, isothermal bus technologies, and thermal stability systems.

Deployable Structures Deployable Structures

LoadPath specializes in the design, analysis, fabrication, and testing of advanced deployable structural systems to satisfy a wide range of applications and precision levels, and varying in size from CubeSat booms to large antenna systems.

Composite Fabrication Composite Fabrication

LoadPath utilizes state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to fabricate unique, complex composite structural systems and components.
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