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Aerospace Structures | Design, Test, and Materials

LoadPath specializes in the development and delivery of advanced engineered products and services, particularly those critical to the launch vehicle and satellite community. We provide design, analysis, testing, and fabrication of aerospace structural systems and components within the company’s five core competencies; structural design, thermal management, composite fabrication, deployable structures , and structural testing.

Our highly technical engineering staff has extensive experience in the design and evaluation of multiple payload adapters, deployable payloads, CubeSat components and launch accommodations, reconfigurable thermal control subsystems, missile structures, and reentry vehicles throughout the complete concept-to-flight development cycle. Our exceptional experimental capabilities range from material characterization through full-scale structural testing. All aspects of our product and services development and delivery are controlled by an AS9100C certified quality management system.
  • Mechanical Design and Analysis
  • Structural Testing
  • Thermal Solutions
  • Deployable Structures
  • Composite Fabrication


Come Meet Us at SmallSat: Aug 4-7 2014
LoadPath is exhibiting their small satellite technologies at this year's Small Satellite Conference in Logan, UT. Please visit our booth (43T in the main exhibit hall) to learn about our small satellite deployable structures, mechanisms, thermal management solutions, payload adapters, and testing capabilities.

LoadPath selected as a "Flying 40" technology company
LoadPath was named a 2014 Flying 40 award recipient. The annual list of companies is selected by Technology Ventures Corporation to recognize the leading technology companies in New Mexico.
U.S. Patent Awarded
Patent US 8,770,552 titled, "Deployable Space Boom Using Bi-Stable Tape Spring Mechanism," was awarded to LoadPath team members Dr. Sonny Jeon and Greg Sanford on 7/8/2014. The invention is a spacecraft deployment mechanism employing a pair of bi-stable tape springs attached to a cylinder such that rotation of the cylinder extends or retracts the tape springs in opposite directions. The tape springs are fabricated such that they are stable when wrapped around a cylinder (stowed configuration) or when deployed and have a higher energy state when stowed than when deployed. A plurality of bi-stable tape spring mechanisms may be combined to create a deployment device that does not impart rotational torques to the spacecraft during deployment. Deployment may be accomplished by release of the stored energy in the coiled or packaged state progressing to the lower energy deployed state.

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